HLASM - List of current Directives and Extended Mnemonics, Sorted by Mnemonic

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  • Currently supported instructions only
  • Directives, but no Opcodes
  • Extended mnemonics, but no Function codes
  • Sorted by Mnemonic


Mnemonic Opcode Mask Name
ACTR &&   Assembler CounTeR
ADATA --   Associated DATA
AEJECT --   Assembler EJECT macro listing
AGO &&   Assembler GO to
AGOB &&   Assembler GO Backward
AIF &&   Assembler IF
AIFB &&   Assembler IF Backward
AINSERT &&   Assembler INSERT source line
ALIAS --   ALIAS definition
AMODE --   Addressing MODE
ANOP &&   Assembler No-OPeration
AREAD &&   Assembler READ source record
ASPACE &&   Assembler SPACE macro listing
CATTR --   Class ATTRibutes
CCW --   Channel Command Word
CCW0 --   Channel Command Word format-0
CCW1 --   Channel Command Word format-1
CEJECT --   Conditional EJECT listing
CNOP --   Computer No-OPeration
COM --   COMmon control section
COPY --   COPY member
CSECT --   Control SECTion
CXD --   Combined eXternal Dummy lengths
DC --   Define Constant
DS --   Define Storage
DSECT --   Dummy SECTion
DXD --   Define eXternal Dummy section
EJECT --   EJECT listing
END --   END assembly
ENTRY --   ENTRY point
EQU --   EQUate
EXITCTL --   EXIT ConTroL values
EXTRN --   EXTeRNal symbol
GBLA &&   GloBaL Arithmetic variable
GBLB &&   GloBaL Boolean variable
GBLC &&   GloBaL Character variable
ICTL --   Input ConTroL
ISEQ --   Input SEQuence checking
LCLA &&   LoCaL Arithmetic variable
LCLB &&   LoCaL Boolean variable
LCLC &&   LoCaL Character variable
LTORG --   LiTeral pool ORiGin
MACRO &&   MACRO start
MEND &&   Macro END
MEXIT &&   Macro EXIT
MHELP &&   Macro HELP
MNOTE &&   Macro NOTE
OPSYN &&   OPcode SYNonym
ORG --   ORiGin
POP --   POP stacked status
PRINT --   PRINT settings
PROCESS --   PROCESSing options
PUNCH --   PUNCH object record
PUSH --   PUSH status onto stack
REPRO --   REPROduce as object record
RMODE --   Residence MODE
RSECT --   Read-only SECTion
SETA &&   SET Arithmetic variable
SETAF &&   SET Arithmetic variable by external Function
SETB &&   SET Boolean variable
SETC &&   SET Character variable
SETCF &&   SET Character variable by external Function
SPACE --   SPACE listing
START --   START assembly
TITLE --   TITLE definition
WXTRN --   Weak eXTeRNal
XATTR --   eXternal ATTRibutes

There are 71 entries in this list.


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